Renaissance - Baroque Château, Žiar nad Hronom

technical due diligence

Flat with cantilevered living-room, Bratislava

home inspection service

Former policlinic & maintenance depot for emergency vehicles, Bratislava

technical due diligence, incl. structural stability & environmental factors

Apartment “on” the Charles Bridge, Prague

home inspection service

Proxenta Residence, Bratislava

expert opinion

New-built apartments, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Czech rep.

home inspection services

Apartment within a National cultural site, Košice

home inspection service

Volkswagen showroom, sell point & car service, Bratislava

construction supervision

Hotel Rozsutec ***, Vrátna Valley

”Expert Eye” critique for Civil Engineering magazine

Iconic Manderla Building, Bratislava

home inspection service

New-built family houses, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary

home inspection service

Twin spires, Piarist church, Trenčín

critique for expert journal

Luxury penthouse, Prague

inspection lookover

Villa, Trenčín

technical & architectural due diligence

Fuel stations

critique of restoration works for executive management board

Headquarters of the State Emergency Service, Bratislava

supervision of façade and roofs reconstruction

Iconic Dancing House, 5th floor, administrative rooms, Prague

inspection lookover

Family house, Zwerndorf

construction supervision

Mayor`s villa by the prison, Trenčín

home inspection service

Family house under construction, Réca

expert opinion

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