To look at a phenomenal building masterwork, that keeps revealing something new, positive and alluring for the viewer. About which building can we say this?

I am the author of 40+ expert public critiques of various buildings - hotels, church towers, apartment houses, conversion sites, etc.

I have worked with several respected media outlets:

In 2022, I published an extraordinary book „Pozor, novostavba!“ (in English: Mind the new-building!) intended for common people concerning various risks and problems of new buildings, ISBN 978-80-974383-0-2.

I have also written numerous short columns for company Kvalitné bývanie, for instance Matinèe in Civil Engineering - baroque façade renewal, various problems in new-built apartments, etc. Please, read fulltexts here (in Slovak only). I am the original author of all articles in company Perfect Home serialised as Factum Non Fabula. Please, read fulltexts here (in Slovak only).