To look at a phenomenal building masterwork, that keeps revealing something new, positive and alluring for the viewer. About which building can we say this?

I am the author of 40+ expert public critiques of various buildings – hotels, church towers, apartment houses, conversion sites, etc.

I have worked with several respected media outlets:

In 2022, I published an extraordinary book „Pozor, novostavba!“ (in English: Mind the new-building!) intended for common people concerning various risks and problems of new buildings, ISBN 978-80-974383-0-2.

I have also written numerous short columns for company Kvalitné bývanie, for instance Matinèe in Civil Engineering – baroque façade renewal, various problems in new-built apartments, etc.
I am the original author of all articles in company Perfect Home serialised as Factum Non Fabula.

List of public performances, serials and columns

Available in Slovak only, if robotized translator is not your cup of tea, do not hesitate to contact me for translation and private discussion.

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