Lectures on my work and practise

(all lectures are also available in Slovak language)


Gratis lectures for university students, master level,
fields of study Technology in Civil Engineering or Architecture

Duration 60´ + 30´ discussion

Deaths and serious injuries in site due to nescience and failure to meet standard safety rules. Morning routines of staff in Sweden vs. in Slovakia / Czechia. Cutting with acetylene/oxygen. Leak-proofing propane works. Works in depth. Covers of civil protection in old and new buildings. Radioactive materials in measuring tools.

This lecture is focused on safety. To know the threats and to be aware of hidden perils.

Duration 70´ + 20´ discussion

Apparently perfect interiors are often full of mistakes. Interior design is demanding and every detail must take account of the client’s desires & needs. Why are bedrooms small and corridors too narrow? How to design a kitchen, that will serve not just for reheating soups? Frequent problems of interiors. What the architects want vs. the demands of those who will live in and use the building. Maybe nice, but certainly impractical. Repeating the Neufert typology standards. How to design a shower compartment that’s safe for sex? ;-)

This lecture is focused on interior architects. Designing interiors is not only about colours, materials and lightings, but primarily, it is about scale and space.

Duration 75´ + 25´ discussion

Various examples of roofs. Proper solutions, mistakes, fatal errors. Roof as the root of plenty of problems. Real life examples from London, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Trenčín and more. Fancy marketing versus onsite reality. Protection of buildings against lightning. Ball lightning. Are flat roofs really risky? Chimneys on historic roofs. Statics and stability. Maintenance of large roofs. Facility management of roofs on towers, especially church towers and spires.

Very colourful lecture, full of discussion opportunities

Duration 80´ + 10´ discussion

A sink in the bedroom. Central Europe is not California, year round temperature factors. Wedding chapel in Japan. Carbuncle cup, London`s gherkin, Bratislava`s maize. Marcio Kogan`s Golgota, Daniel Liebeskind`s meeting room and the Fuksas` symphony in brown and blue. A library for bottles. Secret tunnels and doors.

Nice lecture full of positive and inventive flashes. Having an idea is always more than having money.

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

During controls and inspections of sites, there are many situations, which can have a dramatic impact on the final result, both positive and negative. Using of bra within Building Engineering, disabled parking, risky stairs, entrance for nobody, heating in the Don Giovanni Hotel, cracks (a lot of cracks), handmade style, gangnam style in Civil Engineering and much more.

Plenty of real-life examples. This lecture is one of Top 3

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

Strange situations from real-life. Unclear causes of failures. Surprises in the diagnosis of various pathologies. Arguments among experts. Costs for the detection of failures. Water is a must for living, but it is also an insidious enemy.

This lecture requires solid knowledge of Civil Engineering for understanding of presented cases. Bachelor title is a must.

Duration 70´ + 20´ discussion

This lecture starts with a funny presentation about misunderstandings in communication processes in Civil Engineering. Nobody was lying, but the result is terrible. Afterwards I present various stories as a confirmation that everybody lies. The contractor lies to the subcontractor and vice versa. The seller lies to the buyer. Architects lie to everybody. Why do people in Civil Engineering lie? Because of money? Or is there another factor? How to detect deception.

Duration 60´ + 30´ discussion

Factors of diseases. Job-related illnesses. Dust, smoke, beech dust, cancers due to incorrect eating habits, graffiti and acetone vapours, industrial depots, lead, leptospirosis, amianthoid fibres, etc. Singular contact vs. permanent exposure. Personal protection. Proper working habits.

Are you sure you still want to make a career in Civil Engineering? Hmmm...

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

Rare examples of death as a consequence of underestimating various factors during building processes. Biosphere vs. Civil Engineering. Legionella pneumophila, Naegleria fowleri, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, NOX, methemoglobinemia.

My favourite lecture. One of Top 3.

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

A house overlooks a large, beautiful water reservoir. On the downside, the house suffers from dozens of pathologies. Sad, but a real example of desiring the home of your dreams, but getting a horror cocktail instead. During the lecture, the students themselves will describe various pathologies, which are displayed in photographs.

Lecture highly appreciated by students. One of Top 3.

This lecture is taught only in Slovak.

Duration 70´ + 20´ discussion

An explanation of various Slovak slang words, which are commonly used on building sites on a daily basis. Japonka, napolitánka, McAdam, volské oko, kozička, paroháč, pavúk, kľúčový hráč and much more.

A funny and very important lecture for all greenhorns. Must for understanding the communications on building sites.

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

Process that can be put into the textbooks as a positive example of project management of sacral building renewal. Discusses the complete restoration of twin spires of a baroque pearl of sacral architecture – the Piarist church in Trenčín, Slovakia

A lecture about the pathologies of a timber roof, costs, technology methods, etc. A great example of proper restoration.

Customised paid lectures and short-term courses for Architecture and Civil Engineering enthusiasts

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

Cracks, pointing, colours, water taps, electrical outlets, doors, do-it-yourself style. Tens of examples from real life. What people usually do wrong during the construction process? Do they care? If not, why not?

Duration 80´ + 20´ discussion

Fancy a marvellous interior? Some differences between female and male interior designers. Differences between interior architects and decorators. Examples of various styles – minimalism, traditional, so-called Japanese and Scandinavian styles, expressive style (traditional Slovak folk room). Differences between exhibitions – Nábytok a Bývanie in Nitra vs. Salone del Mobile in Milano. Some people don`t know how to live. How can we help them? Perfect living is not about the money you spend for your interior. What is perfect living and how to get it?

Duration 50´ + 40´ discussion

10 criteria for self-checking your potential new apartment (without a home inspector). Home inspection service. What should you ask your home inspector after checking the apartment / house / real estate? Sample contracts prepared by real-estate agencies. Horrible experience from Centroom Piešťany, Slovakia. Developers and real-estate brokers always lie (occasionally unintentionally). How to detect fraud? Three case studies – a 600-years old apartment on a bridge, a mansion, and buying a residential unit in an unbuilt development.

Duration 50´ + 40´ discussion

When to choose a catalogue project over an architect tailored project. Are architect`s services really too expensive compared with a catalogue project? Forget friends. Forget family. You are building a house for you & yours. Questions of neighbours, land scale, environment, barriers for disabled people. And – of course – money is always front-on-mind.

Duration 50´ + 40´ discussion

How to choose a building company? Do you really need a construction supervisor? Self-built houses. Pros and cons. I prefer Louis XIII`s style, my husband demands pure minimalism. Hm, and what about our kids, that we don`t have yet? Home office for a couple of hours daily vs. all day long. Factors of lighting and acoustics. Protection levels (security). Mi casa es su casa.

Duration 50´ + 40´ discussion

Controlling costs during the construction process. Aesthetics, furniture, atmosphere and various physical factors. Will you really be able to save on energy costs? Mind the NIMBY! What construction features are important if you want to sell quickly at the right price, should you get a dream job in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow? Maintenance and private facility management.

Bonus lecture

HOW TO REACH A... (surprise, be patient)